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Sunday, March 20, 2005  

A naked day at the beach

John and I planned to spend a day at the beach. John dared me to sunbath nude. This is not a private beach and can be pretty crowded. I said that I was willing but we would to wait and see how things went. We drove down early that morning. We parked and we walked down the beach away from the crowds. We walked at least a mile and found an area on the beach that did not have access for at least a 1/2 mile in either direction and seemed to be in the middle of between of the areas where most of the crowds were.

The only ones we had to worry about were people walking up and down the beach. John set everything up as I undressed and took my bikini off. John stripped also and we went for a swim. we splashed around for awhile. A couple of people went by as we swam, but nobody noticed we were nude. After 20 or 30 minutes we got out of the water. I laid down on my stomach and asked John to put lotion on me. I laid there as John rub the lotion into me. With the sun and his hands massaging the oil in, I felt great. John spent a considerable amount of time on my butt. He knows playing with it gets me excited, so he was enjoying getting me worked up. He finished and put lotion on himself and laid down also.

We laid out for awhile. A couple of guys walked by. They could see for sure that John was nude but could not see if I was for sure apparently. I heard one of them tell the other to go check it out. I just laid there pretending to be asleep. He walked up within about 10 feet or so then ran back down to his buddy and I heard him say that I was nude also. I watched them walk on down the beach and then cut up into the dunes. I knew that they were going to come back and try to spy on us. I told John about them and he said that he knew. He said that when we "caught" them, we would invite them to join us. I was concerned about this, considering we were pretty far away from crowd if something went wrong. I trust John completely and know that he would not put us into harm, but you never know about some people. John said that they seemed to be decent enough. After giving them time to get back to us, John told me to turn over. I did and John told me that he would put the lotion on me. I laid there with my eyes closed as John spread the lotion into my legs and began to move higher. Most of the time, John skips the "vitals" and lets me do it, unless I tell him to go ahead. When he got to the tops of my thighs, I told John to go ahead and spread the lotion.

Knowing that we were being watched was a real turn on for me. John asked me if I was sure, and I nodded yes. John put lotion on my stomach and began to rub it in. As he moved lower, I opened my legs and he moved his hand between them and then moved to my chest. I protested that he did not put enough down there. John said he knew, but he wanted to tease me and them. John put lotion on my breasts and massaged the lotion into them and my shoulders. Every time he got to my breasts, he would give my nipples a little tug. I was loving every feeling that was washing over me as he did it. He was doing this and he yelled out that we knew they were in the dunes and to come on out. They started to take off and John hollered that it was okay. John said that they had stopped and appeared to be talking as he continued to play with my breasts and nipples. The guys decided to come over and walked up. John introduced himself and I. They gave us their names and John told them to have a seat.

They were students at the University that is near where John lives and were spending the weekend on the beach. John said that it was nice of them to spy on people like that and they apologized for that. John started to rub lotion on me again. he again was paying particular attention to my breasts. The guys were having a very hard time speaking coherently as they watched John play with my breasts. The guys ( Jim & Daryl) were not trying to hide that they were staring at my body. John put more lotion on my stomach and began to rub it in. he moved down and I pulled my legs together. John gently pulled my legs apart, and I really did not resist. He ran his hand between my legs and touched me. When He did, I moaned out loud and raised my hips to push against his hand. He stroked his fingers back and forth over me and I pushed back, moving my hips up and down. I forgot that anyone was there, I was concentrating on the feelings that John was creating and was quickly losing control. John continued to use his hand and fingers on me until I climaxed as hard as I have ever had. John continued and I was quickly overcome again. John continued to run his hands over my body as I calmed down some.

When I opened my eyes, I noticed that Jim & Daryl had moved down to by my feet to get a better view. I was so excited that I kept my legs open for them to look. ( I guess that makes me sound slutty, but I hope I was not.) I sat up and we all had a drink. I asked them about school and they told me about their courses and such. I walked down to the water to wash my hands off and came back and sat down. I had John lay down and I began to put lotion on him as we talked. I eventually took him into my hand and was stroking him as I talked. It was obvious that both of the guys were very uncomfortable in their suits. :) I started to stroke John and he started to get hard and grow in my hand. I just continued to stroke John and talk as if everything was normal. I could see that they both were wishing it was them I was stroking. I told them that I would not touch them or allow them to touch me but if they needed to relieve themselves that they could if they wanted. Neither of them made a move for a few minutes. I could see that they were both wanting to and trying to get up the nerve. John was getting close to finishing by now and I picked up my stroking.

He exploded all over the place eventually and I used a towel to clean it up some. John recovered and sat up. I said that it was almost time for us to leave. John agreed and got up to get things together. I was sitting there, leaning back, talking to them when John came back and sat down. He started to stroke my legs and running his hands over my body as I sat there. When John reached between my legs again and started to stroke me again, I told Jim and Daryl that this was their last chance. Daryl stood and took off his suit and kneeled by me feet. I told Jim that he better hurry and make up his mind. He jumped up and dropped his suit. While Daryl was average in size, Jim was the biggest I have ever seen. I laid back and watched them play with themselves as John stroked back and forth between my legs. A huge orgasm overcame me as I watched them. Daryl came almost immediately afterward and Jim was still stroking away. Jim started to come and I had another monster as he did. I laid there totally exhausted. The guys put their suits on and said thank you and left while I recovered. John and I stayed for awhile longer then we did gather everything up and left.

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