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Monday, March 07, 2005  

The Inner Chamber
Shadow Kitten

The vision is always the a dream that I never wish to wake from...Making my way down a narrow hallway, through a large wooden door..into a small room, furnished with only a large four-poster bed, a fireplace, and an over stuffed chair before it..only the glow of the fire on the hearth lights this room, giving it an even more dreamlike quality..
as the door is closed behind me, and my eyes fight to adjust to the dim light , blinking repeatedly..I see a farmiliar shadow in the chair before the fire..and instantly, instinctively..drop to my knees..crawling to him..stopping just in front of his chair..I remain there..wrists crossed to the small of my back, wearing nothing but his collar, my hair veiling my face..allowing me a moments bazenness, letting my eyes raise to catch a glimse of him..
His perfect features always catching me by surprise, the glow of the fire drawing out the tiny blue embers in his eyes..looking as though he is deep in thought..his strong hands clasped beneath his chin..
lowering my eyes..praying my boldness was not detected, uncertain as to what I should do..remaining silent, motionless..staring at the floor, awaiting his orders..but he remaining painfully silent, how I longed to hear his voice, knowing the power it had over me..but determined to obey..
a bit caught up in my own thoughts..awakened as I feel the slack in my leash tighten suddenly, pulled closer to him, so quickly my hands shot out to keep from falling forward...intertwining his fingers in my hair, roughly forcing me to look into his face..a smile of such intensity shone down on me, I all but melted into the floor..a weakness came over me, infecting all of my heart and spirit, and I was lost to him as I had been many times before...
leaning in close..kissing me with such force it took my very breath away...his hand tightening in my hair..his tongue delving almost too deeply, nearly choking me..slipping his free hand between my trembling thighs..feeling the heated wetness against his fingers .."my I've missed you" his words seemed to pour over wash away any bit of apprehension I felt..
he lifted me to my feet, my hair wrapped around his right hand, towering over me..cradling my chin in his strong hand..kissing me though tasting my lips for the first time...
"your former lover did not have the strength to master you..or even satiate your boundless appetite...."
a mischievious smile gracing his lips...."I've a surprise for beautiful.."
from the shadows of the far corner of the room stepped a tiny figure of a girl..looking much like myself..collared as well..she stood..silent..her eyes seeming to sum me up somehow...the firelight caressing her, her every curve accentuated...her tiny bare feet making no sound as she she came to me..she showed no nervousness as she stood just inches from me..looking over at him, as though for a sign..then, taking me completley by surprise, leaning in to hungrily kiss me..her way had me completly drawn in..returning her kiss..I barely felt her hand take mine..again looking to him..his words echoing in my ears..."show me my me that ravenous soul that so dangerously enflames my passion.."
as this tiny wisp of a girl led me his bed, I felt surreal somehow..almost as though I were only watching this scene unfold before eyes drank in her every feature..her well formed legs..her heart shaped ass..the small of her back..the silken chestnut tresses that cascaded down her back to just below the shoulder blades..her walk was enticing..drawing me closer..despite she crawled onto the bed...her parted thighs exposed the tiny triangle of hair..and a mere glimse of her sweet pink nether lips heart she lay back against the many pillows..parting her legs invitingly..looking over at him...seeing the intensity of his expression..hearing his words still in my head .."show me....."
her playful tugs on my leash brought me back to the present...eyes glistening even brighter than before...I watched..mesmerised as her fingertips danced over her nipples, making them as tiny pebbles..a coating of goosebumps coating her skin.. her already moistening slit seemingly beconing to beautiful she was .my gaze falling to where her fingertips were so busily working...letting it linger at the tiny sweet opening of her cunt..feeling my own pussy's throbbing heat..pressing 2 fingers in slowly..slipping my palms up my body..caressing,as a mirror image of her, every breath, every desire filled gasp matched hers perfectly ..already lightheaded..moaning..the vibrations making me raise my hips in sync with her thrusts...losing myself in it all, the sweetness of her rapid breath ..the feeling of his gaze burning into me..vaguely able to hear his ragged labored breath as his eyes behold this new coupling, hearing the slippery strokings of his rigid cock, his gutteral moans stirring me into a frenzy ...her sighs..her moans..only drove me on..her thighs trembling her hands feverishly worked over her clit ..her expression mad with lust..throwing her head back in pure delight....her whole body trembling..muscles taut and tense..her cunt contracting convulsively around her own release achingly near..flesh on fire..until at a great gush of sweet warmth...her trembling legs finally relaxing..looking up into her passion washed face..her emerald green eyes shining down at she brushed away the hair from her face..her eyes were drawn to him..
..she bent close to kiss my lips as gently as first she had done it..then slipped away as if she had never been there..but I was not left alone to entertain these thoughts..I turned, finding him standing at the side of the bed..face burning with a flush of total arousal..his cock wrapped tightly in his left hand..almost painfully so....crawling to the very edge of the bed..not a moments hesitation..wrapping my lips around the head, tasting its sweet sticky readiness..its rock hard girth nearly too much for my lips..taking its full length in one swift fluid motion..swallowing deep..relaxing my throat..nuzzing my nose at the base of his cock..moaning deeply..sending vibrations through him...fingertips frantically manipulating my clit..hips rocking...saliva drooling down his cock..wetting it so perfectly..flesh onfire..looking up into his eyes, seeing his nodded approval...drawing his cock from my throat.. pressing me back on the bed..roughly parting my legs..impaling me in one violent thrust..feeling my cunt convulsively legs wrapped around his body...slamming into my cunt with a fierceness next to whole body trembling..a searing orgasm flooding over me.wave upon wave washing over me...feeling his body tense..his back arch..drawing out just at that precise moment...his searing hot cum painted over my breasts, my face...drawing his fingertips through it..feeding body spent and tingling..looking up at him..such love..such pride at belonging to him..
cradled in his arms..his words forever etched in my memory..."I love everything"

posted by Yanks Todd | 12:52 PM